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Chat with Danissima1 - Clairvoyance and Angel Card Reading in Canada online. 5-10 years of practice in Angel Card Reading. :) I can use intuitive insight, gain visions, and consult my angel cards for more information. If you would like to know more about who I am as a psychic and my personal journey with the spirit world my blog is www.intuitivempath.wordpress.com (I asked admin before I could post this by the way ;) ) I cover topics like: how my visions started, the difference between a ghost and a spirit, etc. My mother, sister, and I have been able to see spirits. But among us, only I have been able to communicate with my spirit guides, have visions of people and gain insight into their lives, see future events that have occurred, and have seen an angel with a message of love and spiritual expansion. I am here because I'd like to help people with my insight. The people who need and are smart enough to seek insight, I want to help you become happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.. :) Examples of the kind of questions you can ask me are: How does he or she think about me? Does he or she love me? Will I stay in this relationship for long with this person? Why can't I focus on my marriage? Is he or she happy with me? How will I do on my exam in two months?

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